Gosette Lubondo


Gosette Lubondo was born in 1993 in Kinshasa (DRC), where she lives and works.

Her father, a photographer, inspired her from a young age. In 2007, she decided to devote herself to photography while still a student. After studying graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa, she participated in numerous artistic workshops and projects to develop her own
photographic style.

She draws her inspiration from her daily life, from the various spatial and individual heritages that surround her.

Gosette Lubondo works at the edge of the old and new, by questioning the memory of aging spaces. Her images reveal the traces left in these places, living witnesses of the history and the continual evolution of human life.
Through careful staging where she becomes the subejct of her representations, she not only refers us to the past but gives a second life to these spaces which she considers vestiges of the past.


Thank’s to L’Agence à Paris & AFRIART

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